Value Based Education

We believe that schools share an obligation with families to teach kids right from wrong, and that character development is an important part of schooling. We, at St. Patrick’s High School (CISCE) teach our scholars to act truthfully, with high moral character both on and off school property. Starting with adults and filtering to children, respect for others and proper behavior are taught, modeled, expected, and rewarded.

Our scholars are raised to become socially responsible citizens who will in turn give their best for the nation’s well-being. Towards this end, we aim to meet not only the physical, emotional and educational needs of children, but their spiritual needs as well.

Regular Catechism classes for all Catholic students and Value Education classes for children of all other religions, are incorporated in our curriculum.

We advocate that the God who bestows life is the only one who possesses the right to terminate it from us. We therefore teach our scholars to stand resolute in the face of adversity and never to buckle under pressure.

Project-based Learning

Our scholars learn the thrill of becoming experts in a subject through Project-Based Learning (PBL). Children have extended time to feed their curiosity in fascinating topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective - science, reading, writing, math, and art, that enhance their understanding and sustains the learning for a lifetime. Our scholars become obsessed with these topics, and that’s the idea!

Physical Education

The value we place on physical fitness underscores our dedication to cultivating not only strong minds but also strong bodies. Through sports, our scholars learn discipline, teamwork, and resilience — all essential qualities for success in life.

We extend a comprehensive array of sports, encompassing basketball, football, throw ball, and volleyball, fostering an environment where scholars can uncover a sport that resonates with their interests and passions. The curriculum is meticulously designed to enhance skills and acquaint scholars with the nuances of each sport.

To ensure the well-being of our scholars, it is obligatory for all to engage in one sporting discipline, be it indoor or outdoor, unless medically advised otherwise and approved by the Principal. We genuinely acknowledge effective participation by duly recognizing it.

Moreover, our scholars are provided with the avenue to audition for our post-school sports teams. Our school's active engagement in sports extends to participation at the District, State, and even National levels, serving as a testament to our scholars' prowess and dedication.

Health Education

Our scholars are consistently provided with Health Education classes, aiming to instill the importance of caring for their bodies – considered the temple of the Holy Spirit. These classes equip them with essential skills to uphold a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

Integral to our curriculum is the emphasis on mental health awareness. Our scholars are empowered to nurture their mental well-being, and we prioritize offering guidance whenever they encounter challenges in this aspect. Ensuring their mental health remains robust is a core facet of our educational approach.


Recess holds a pivotal role in each scholar's daily routine, and its significance cannot be understated. It is a non-negotiable component of their day! During this time, scholars are granted a valuable reprieve from the demands of their academic day, allowing them the chance to engage in physical exercise outdoors, spontaneous free play and connect with their peers.

In addition, we wish to underscore that this time also provides scholars with the opportunity to have their breakfast, utilize the washroom facilities, and prepare themselves for the upcoming classes.

Career Guidance

We recognize the significance of staying attuned to the evolving landscape of both national and global trends.

Our Career Guidance programs tailored for Class IX and X hold immense value in offering our scholars a comprehensive understanding of diverse career pathways. Through these initiatives, our scholars gain access to invaluable insights provided by resource persons. These experts offer guidance on pivotal matters like identifying their aptitudes, which subsequently aids them in making informed decisions regarding subject choices during their Higher Secondary years and their future college education.

Fine Arts

The Arts hold an indispensable role in providing scholars with a means to express themselves, nurture latent talents, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In the realm of Visual Arts, engaging with diverse materials and mediums — encompassing clay, collage, digital art/photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, and textiles — scholars not only acquire technical proficiency but also cultivate a profound confidence in their capacity to convey their thoughts visually.

Meanwhile, within the realm of Performing Arts, scholars delve into the realms of public speaking, music, dance, or theater. As they explore a myriad of genres, styles, influences, and artists, scholars develop their artistic skills and subsequently present the fruits of their labor in performances that extend to the wider school community.

SUPW Work (Socially Useful Productive Work)

Mahatma Gandhi, revered as the Father of the Nation, endorsed a pedagogical approach rooted in education through craft. He advocated not only for the acquisition of practical skills in handicrafts but also for their role in nurturing the intellectual capacities of learners. In alignment with this profound Gandhian perspective and in accordance with the Council Rules, we hold it as a binding requirement for all scholars within our school to engage actively in SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) and Community Service.

Through this mandate, we aim to blend academic rigor with practical application and community engagement thereby creating well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to both their immediate surroundings and the broader society.

Picnics, excursions & educational tours:

Patrician scholars make connections between classroom learning and the real world and broaden their knowledge and experience through field trips, picnics, educational tours and excursions that the school organizes during school days, weekends or vacations. These opportunities infuse joy into their school days and expose them to multi-cultural experiences.

Public speaking:

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to encompass every facet of communication, encompassing reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and literature. Our approach ensures that students not only excel in these domains but also develop the ability to articulate their thoughts and opinions with unwavering confidence.

To facilitate this, an array of techniques, including debates, discussions, elocution, and extemporaneous speaking activities, are integrated into our teaching methodology. These activities are tailored to refine their public speaking abilities, empowering them to address an audience with poise and conviction.

Co-curricular Activities

A great education consists of more than just rigorous academics. We provide numerous opportunities for scholars to explore talents and interests outside of reading, writing, math, and science. The scholars are offered a robust selection of co-curricular activities that include art, board games, traditional games, sports, dance, music, or theater. We view these nonacademic subjects as a critical part of learning that adds joy, builds confidence, and fosters a love of school. Scholars take up one co-curricular activity of their choice and stay in it all year long.

The school has the following CCA Clubs:


    Action Song

    Vocal: Western






    Acoustic guitar





    Budding architect

    Table tennis


    Clay Moulding



    Best out of waste

    Needle work


    Volley Ball



    Foot Ball

    Basket Ball





    Creative Writing


    Story Telling

    Show and Tell



    Maths Club

    School Band